Hello.  My name is Kathy and I live in East Tennessee close
to the beautiful Smoky Mountains.  I have a wonderful
family who has always been very encouraging and
supportive of my work (or should I say play).  I have been
designing and creating crafts for many years.  And realistic
miniatures have always fascinated me.  So combining that
fascination along with my wonderful childhood memories of
playing with Barbie dolls have just naturally led me to
making “real furniture” in a playscale size.  

Most of my work has been sold locally or made for family
and friends who have lovingly convinced me to start selling
my “little creations” on the web.  I am having so much fun
doing this.  It's just like being a little girl again.  

And speaking of little girls, I have two of the most precious
granddaughter's named Abbey and Maggie who are the joy
of my life as is all of my family.

Thank you for looking.  And please check back often, I will
be adding new items as they become available.


If you have any questions or comments, or if you would like
to be added to my mailing list please send an email to  

These "little creations" make wonderful dioramas or displays for
your home or shop.
Why "Oohoo"?  It came from my
granddaughter, Abigail when she was
just learning to talk.  Abbey and my
daughter would come to visit and as
my daughter came though the front
door she would always call out "Yoo
Hoo, we're here!!"  

Abbey, thinking her mommy was
calling out my name, kept trying to
say "Yoo Hoo" when she came
though the door too.  But it always
came out "OOH HOO, we're
here!!”  So Oohoo just kind of stuck,
and I love it...
Welcome To
Abigail's Joy
Where it's the "little things" that make a home!