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Crochet by   Amy
#1 Tres Chic
Poncho and Felted Hat
$28.00 Shipped
#2 Mottled Poncho
$20.00 Shipped
#3 Cream Flecked Scarf, Headband,
Purse and Hat (see bottom picture)
$25.00 Shipped
#5 Aqua Blue Hat, Scarf and Purse
$20.00 Shipped
#6 White Hat and Scarf
$15.00 Shipped
#7 Red and White Scarf and Hat
$15.00 Shipped
#8 Black and White Coat, Red/White Hat and Scarf
$35.00 Shipped
#4  Gr/Br/Tan Thread Coat, Hat,
Scarf and Purse
$35.00 Shipped
#9 White Poncho and Hat
$25.00 Shipped
#10 Bl/Br/Tan/Cr Marbled Hat. Scarf and Purse
$20.00 Shipped
These are by special order only.
If you would like to purchase any of the crochet sets or have questions about a particular piece
just send an email to:
Please be sure to mention the set number and a brief description.

Thank you!